Car Body Kits / Styling

Car Body Kits / Styling Information

Car Body Kits / Styling specialists will specialise in the advising, supplying and installing of a cars bodykit.

Car body kits are a collection of exterior modifications. These would normally compose of rear and front bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, different colored paint work.

There are companies now that work with manufacturers and offer alternative body kits / styling options. One of these well known companies is AMG. AMG work with Mercedes Benz not only to develop their vehicles road going performance, but also to improve the styling of them, in most cases this ranged from adding a subtle rear spoiler all the way up to transforming the car with a complete wide body kit. Usually these are seen on DTM racing cars.

Body kits are normally constructed of polyurethane, fiberglass or in some rare cases even carbon fiber.

Fiberglass is the cheapest way to produce a body kit and it's widely available, although, upon impact it is known to crack. Polyurethane is more flexible and is popular as it is more resistant to damage.

Due to its high cost, Carbon fiber body kits are rare, especially on road legal cars. These are normally seen on racing cars such as touring cars as carbon fiber offer high strength for very little weight. This is ideal in a racing situation.

So depending on your taste and how deep your pockets are car body kits & styling is not for everybody, but if it is you then there are plenty of specialists to choose from.

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