Car Valeting

Car Valeting Information

Car valeting is performed by specialists who take car cleaning up a level from car washing. Car valeting involves using specialist cleaning products such as high quality car shampoo, wheel cleaners and car polishes etc to give your car that extra shine. Many car valeting companies offer a mobile valeting service and some will have a static site. All though will be able to give your car the care and attention it deserves.

The car valeting process starts with the body work undergoing a thorough jest washing to remove any loose dirt. Once this has been completed the bodywork is cleaned using a specially developed car shampoo. The shampoo is washed away and chamois leather is used to dry the card bodywork. A high quality polish as also applied and the bodywork is buffed to a high shine. Wheels and glass are also cleaned.

Many car valeting companies will offer different levels of car valeting ranging from a mini valet that could include just an exterior valet of the bodywork. Right up to a full valet that would include the interior (all trim, carpets and upholstery) exterior (including wheels & windows) and even the engine bay.

These different levels, of course, range in cost depending on how thorough the service is. With the added benefit of many car valeting companies offering a mobile service, this can be done at your workplace or on your driveway.

Keeping your car clean can be the bane of many people's lives, if you don't fancy spending hours making your car look perfect, contacting a local car valeting company is one of the choices available to you.

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