Speed Camera Detection

Speed Camera Detection Information

There are now thousands of speed cameras operating on Britain's' roads, both static and in mobile vans, it is estimated around 1 in 5 drivers have been caught speeding since 1996. With the risk of a hefty fine and points on a driving license; speed camera detection devices have risen in popularity.

Speed camera detection devices or 'snoopers' incorporate GPS technology and regular live updates, not only on the position of static speed cameras, but also allows users to share the location of the mobile speed camera vans that also operate. They have an inbuilt library of all the speed limits on all of the UK's roads and alert the driver if they are travelling to fast in a certain speed zone as well as informing the driver well in advance of any speed cameras they may be approaching.

There has been much debate in recent years since speed cameras were introduced as to they actually do reduce deaths on the UK's roads or if they are just being used as a revenue stream for the police forces involved. One fact is that if you are caught by a speed camera the a fine and points on your license are a dead cert so avoiding these, especially people who rely on a car for their work, is of upmost importance.

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