Salvage Dealers

Salvage Dealers Information

Salvage dealers buy and sell car parts and accessories that have been removed from cars or vehicles that have been deemed too badly damaged for repair. Most parts of cars can be re used or recycled, so salvaged parts play a vital role in helping the environment, as for every part that has been re-used, recycled or 'salvaged' means that it is one less part that has had to be manufactured using natural resources. Many cars that have been badly damaged in road traffic accidents may end up in a salvage dealer's yard. The remaining usable parts that might be sought after include, body panels, win mirrors, engine parts, wheels & tyres. And interior parts such as seats, door cards and steering wheels.

With the salvage industry using more technology, gone are the days of trawling through 00's of vehicles at your local salvage yards. These days many salvage yards will have the parts they have available catalogued and graded so that if a customer does call, a few moments later they can let the customer know if that specific part is available. There are also websites to which salvage dealers can subscribe to and anytime a customer looking to buy a salvaged part inputs there details and requirements into the system, the salvage dealers are notified and can respond to the customer directly. This advancement in technology, time saving and above all the reduction in cost buying salvaged parts can offer has seen the salvage industry grow steadily.

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