Recon Engines / Gearboxes

Recon Engines / Gearboxes Information

Engine & gearbox reconditioning is undertaken by experienced professionals who can bring life back to old engines & gearboxes. Engine reconditioning is usually performed on older engines as part of a restoration project where the owner is trying to keep the restoration as original as possible. Reconditioning can range from reconditioning the cylinder head, to a complete strip down, bore out of the cylinders and all new moving parts. The same applies to reconditioning of the gearbox.

Reconditioned engines are, from some specialists, available to purchase there and then and they specialise in reconditioning certain engines for certain models although, much engine reconditioning work is on an ad hoc basis when requested by either a mechanic or by the request of a private customer.

Due to their complexity, in most cases it is cheaper and easier to buy a new gearbox for a modern car. For classic cars, finding a gearbox to replace the old one can be near on impossible. Reconditioned gearbox specialists will have all the tools and parts available to recondition any gearbox both new and old.

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