Performance Parts

Performance Parts Information

There are many manufacturers who design and supply what is known as aftermarket performance parts. Performance parts relate to a specific part of group of parts that can be changed from the factory fitted parts in order to increase the performance of the car, through either increasing the power the car produces to improving the handing & driveability. Pretty much every single part of a car can be reproduced by another manufacturer to retro fit straight on the vehicle it is designed for in order to increase its performance in one way, shape or form.

Common performance parts that are fitted include up-rated air filter & exhaust systems, lowered & stiffened suspension systems, lighter wheels with better quality tyres. Performance parts are also available for a car interior some likely performance parts a car owner might fit include racing style seats with a 5 point harness and a racing style steering wheel.

Across the UK, there are many companies who specialise in the supply and fitting of performance parts. Many will have a huge rang of performance parts available to suit any budget and any desired performance outcome that is looking to be gained. Catching on to the idea, many car manufacturers also have their own 'in house' performance parts divisions that will develop and install performance parts to a car when it rolls of the production line. These performance parts are added, usually for an extra fee, and are added according to the buyers' personal taste and budget.

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