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Car phone kits, usually referred to as hands free kits, are items that are placed into your vehicle that will enable you to legally use a phone in your car.

Since December 1st 2003 it has been illegal in the UK to use your mobile handset whilst driving, even pressing the 'receive call' button has been deemed illegal.

Car phone kits are available to help use your mobile phone in your car safely. There are many different types of car phone kits available, both built into the car by the manufacturers and aftermarket.

Many manufacturers these days will already have what's called a Bluetooth connection. This is where most modern smart phones will be automatically picked up by the car and connected via Bluetooth to the cars audio system.

For older vehicles that do not have this technology already built in there are other alternatives. Aftermarket car phone kits normally contain a cradle for the mobile phone and then either a wireless earpiece for the driver and a speaker to transmit the caller's voice.

Although there are many different types of car phone kits available for drivers who do wish to use their mobile whilst driving. Studies have shown that even when a car phone kit is being used there still is a substantial claim that it was increase accidents as the driver still is distracted by the conversation.

No matter how much of a good driver you think you are, holding a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal. So, if you do need to use a mobile whilst driving, there are plenty of car phone kits out there to choose from.

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