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Auto or car detailing is the thorough cleaning polishing and waxing of a car's interior and exterior to produce that show quality level of detail. Companies and individuals that specialise in car detailing will use a range of different products and techniques to enable them to obtain the best results. There are 3 main components to car detailing, they are cleaning, polishing and protecting.

Cleaning refers to the removal of all dirt and grime from the exterior panel of the car. A car detailing company will use specific chemicals and products to remove this. They could include specially designed alloy wheel cleaners and car body shampoo. A clay bar is also used to remove further contamination that regular cleaning fails to do.

The polishing element of car detailing is either performed by hand or machine with the addition of a high quality polish and polishing pads. The aim of this stage is to remove micrometers of the clear coat of the paintwork in order to polish out any imperfections such as swirls, fine scratches, and oxidation. Some of these imperfections are caused by improper washing techniques such as using a dirty sponge / chamois leather.

The final key stage to car detailing is protection. This part refers to the application of a protective wax film. This can be applied either in a liquid or wax form depending on the car detailing company. This final protective coat the car detailing company will add is to form a barrier that will help prevent the build up of dirt and grime. Typical everyday road going dirt include tar, bugs and minerals in water.

If you are looking to have that extra shine added to your pride and joy, it is worth contacting your local car detailing experts and they will be able to give you the result you are looking for.

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