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Waste Disposal Information

Waste disposal or waste management is the collection or processing of waste relating to materials that have been produced by human activity.

Any business or person who is involved in the activity of either transporting, brokering or dealing in controlled wastes have to be registered as a 'registered waste carrier'. A license is not required if you are transporting your own waste or if the waste is not part of your business or for profit.

In the UK waste disposal is becoming a major issue as the landfill sites become full and appropriate sites that can be used as landfill become harder to find. Many waste disposal companies will try and avoid landfill altogether. Some organic wastes can be incinerated and used to produce electricity. In the motor trade, environmentally hazardous materials are part of the industry for items such as batteries, filter, oil, brake fluid etc. Even small repair garages are now classed as hazardous waste producers.

There are companies and facilities available all over the UK who will take in a dispose of this hazardous waste in a safe manner, so if you are finding yourself in this position, a quick call to one of these waste disposal specialists will be a step in the right direction.

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