Car Transportation

Car Transportation Information

Car transportation is the movement of care from one point to another. Car transportation companies specialise in this form of transport. Car transportation can range from the delivery of a single vehicle from a dealer to the customer, all the way up to a delivery many cars from the manufacturing plant to the main dealer.

There are all manner of car transportation companies who can accommodate these type of deliveries across the UK. Some companies prefer to deal with the larger deliveries and will have specially adapted trailers to make the movement of a larger number of vehicles more cost effective. Whereas some companies, will have a fleet of trucks that have been adapted to take just a single vehicle.

Car transportation companies will not only transport a car from a car dealer to a customer, but also car transportation companies will move cars for owners clubs. These cars may need moving from one show to another, race & rally car transport as these cars may not be registered to drive on the road and classic car transport.

If you are looking to move a vehicle and want to keep it safe and secure. Or, you just don't fancy the drive yourself, then a call to a local car transportation company will be a step in the right direction.

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