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Mobile Tyre Fitting Information

Mobile tyre fitting is carried out by trained individuals who are able to carry out a tyre fitting service at a location that is convenient for you. A tyre fitting machine and various type of other equipment are mounted in the back of a van to enable to operative to carry out the mobile tyre fitting service.

The process of fitting a new tyre involves, first of all, the removal of the wheel. The air pressure is then released from the tyre that is used to hold this to the wheel. This is usually done by unscrewing the valve. The not flattened tyre is placed on a machine where then wheel is spun around and the tyre is removed from the wheel in one motion. With the tyre now removed the new tyre can now be fitted in the reverse order, a lubricant is normally used as well at this stage to allow easy fitting.

In most cases, new valves are fitted. With the new valves and tyre fitted, the wheel will now have to be 'balanced' this is the process of ensuring that the wheel is of an even weight around its circumference to ensure that it operates correctly and avoids any unnecessary wobbling when in use. A balancing machine is used where the wheel is spun around and then it can indicate to the technician where weights should be added to the wheel in order for it to be perfectly balanced.

Lead used to be used as the weights that are either fitted to the inside if the wheel, or to the rim. Due to the toxic nature of lead, zinc is now the preferred material of choice.

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