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Turbos and Super Chargers Information

Turbo & Super chargers have been used for many years on vehicles that need more power, essentially they do a similar job by feeding the engine with more air to create a bigger power out-put but the way they do it is different.

Turbo's work by using the back pressure caused by the exhaust gases to spin a turbine that pressurises then air, this hot air is then fed into an intercooler, simply put this is a type of radiator the air passes through to cool the air before it is fed back into the engine as hot air would cause inefficiencies in the engine. The turbines that are used spin at up to 250,000 rpm and sizes in these turbines vary depending on their usage. It is not uncommon now to see twin, tri, or even in the case of the Bugatti Veyron, quad turbos being fitted to increase the cars power output.

Superchargers work in a similar way to a turbo charger. However, instead of using the exhaust gases to spin the turbine to pressurise the air, the supercharger uses a compressor unit. The benefit of using a supercharger is that there is no 'lag' in time it takes for the pressurised air to be put into the engine as it is already there. The supercharger is usually driven by a belt, gear, shaft or chain connected to the engine's crankshaft.

If you are looking to produce some more power from a vehicle be it for extra speed of pulling power, the addition of a turbo or super charger could be the right idea for you.

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