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Car body repair is the trade of repairing any part of the bodywork on a car. Car body repair shops also offer repairs to the cars paintwork such as the removal of scuffs, scratches and dents that are in most cases caused though accidents and collisions on the road. In recent times paint-less dent repairs are becoming more popular, this is performed by pushing the dent from the inside. This generally can be a lot cheaper and quicker to do as it removes the used of any fillers, primers and paint.

Car body repairs are carried out by trained individuals whose job it is to firstly asses the scale of the damage, determine the best course of action, how much it is going to cost and advise you on how long it is going to take. Specialist tools are required in most cases to pull out dented panels. Special body fillers and fine sand papers are used to match the repair to the existing bodywork. The filled area is then has primers, paint and lacquers used to finish off the repair. Car body repairs are not just confined to a car body repair garage. Advances in paint technology mean that even more serious dents and scrapes can be fixed on your drive. By a professional, of course.

There are many do it yourself car body repairs kits, but for that professional finish it's always best to call or visit or call your local car body repairs company.

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