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Generally, car cosmetics specialists carry out work on the bodywork of cars. This can be anything from removing slight scratches or dents in body panels from parking in a car park, right the way up to the more serious accident damage. These are trained professional who know exactly what needs to be done to obtain the result you are looking for. With any professional car cosmetic company you expect an accurate description of what type of repair would need to take place, would it be just a simple 'rub down and match in' or would it be a full strip back to the basecoat and apply a full system of paint work to the affected area. Along with this, an accurate estimate of what it is going to cost. As, if the repair is not being paid through your insurance cover, the overall cost of the repair can be one of the most determining factors.

The car cosmetics garage should also have good links with suppliers to obtain any parts they may require to complete the repair. As well as links to paint suppliers in order match the paint work in correctly. The purpose of the car cosmetic specialists in to make sure that any repair, no matter how small or large, is virtually un-noticeable.

So whether you are looking to have that annoying scratch or dent removed from your cars bodywork, right up to having a change of bodywork colour, speaking to your local car cosmetics company is defiantly a step in the right direction.

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