Fuel Evacuation

Fuel Evacuation Information

Fuel evacuation is the removal or fuel from a cars fuel system; this is usually the case when the wrong type of fuel is accidently put in to a car. With more and more people switching from petrol to diesel vehicles, mistakes are likely to happen. There are many fuel evacuation companies out there who specialise in putting this right.

If you do ever make the mistake of putting the wrong fuel into your car, the first piece of advice is do not under any circumstances start your car. If you have only just put the wrong fuel into the fuel tank then that is where it will stay, starting the vehicle will circulate the wrong fuel around the fuel system, causing a lot more damage which can cost a lot more money to rectify. It was estimated that around 400 people per day put the wrong fuel in their cars and in most cases this is not covered by either the warranty or insurance policies.

Fuel evacuation specialists carry specialist equipment that is able to quickly and efficiently deal with this type of unfortunate accident. In many cases the fuel tank will have to be drained and a cleaning agent flushed through to remove the wrong fuel. A diagnostic check is sometimes performed and the correct fuel is added. Generally, fuel evacuation only takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete when done by fuel evacuation professionals and in many cases is a lot cheaper to use than taking it to a garage.

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