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Starting out in 1859, Skoda is a car manufacturer from the Czech Republic and is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Originally established as an arms manufacturer, Skoda then manufactured bicycles and started to produce cars in 1905.

Since 2000, Skoda is now wholly owned by VW and is seen as the entry level brand for the group. In 2011 total sales across the globe reached over 875,000. The original partnership with VW started in 1991 where VW took control of 30% of Skoda with further share acquisition to 60.3% in 1994 and up to 70% in 1995. Since the involvement of VW, the Skoda brand has undergone great improvements in both styling and engineering with models such as the Octavia & Fabia sharing the same floor plans as the Golf Mk 5 & VW Polo.

The company has come on leaps and bounds since its communist led days. With the guidance and investment from The VW Group, the brand has undergone a huge transformation of image, especially in the demanding European markets. So much so, that for the first time in the history of Skoda's being sold in the UK, a waiting list has developed for Skoda deliveries. Skoda also ranks near the top of customer satisfaction surveys since 2000.

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