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Citroen specialists will specialise in, all or certain, Citroen models both old and new.

Citroen was first founded in 1919 by Andre –Gustave Citroen, he was a French industrialist who was the first person to mass produced cars outside of the USA. Not only did Citroen produce Europe's first all steel bodied car, but also one of the first to have a monocoque type body shell. The world's first hydro-pneumatic self levelling suspension system was also produced by Citroen in 1954. Another first for Europe was in 1955 when the Citroen DS was the first European production car to be fitted with disc-brakes.

In 1976, Peugeot bought a majority stake in Citroen (90%) and the companies were combined. In the 1980's the Citroens that were being produced were increasingly Peugeot based. This was off the back of a motor industry worldwide trend that was called platform sharing. Citroen has established itself across the globe, apart from the USA where since its SM model was banned for not meeting bumper regulations there, it has not returned to the US market since 1974.

Along with their road going cars, Citroen also has a long pedigree in the racing world, more so in the World Rally Championships. In recent years, since 2003 they have won the manufacturers title no fewer than 7 times. Sebastian Loeb is their most successful driver wining in their Citroen Xsara WRC, the Citroen C4 WRC and in 2011 with the Citroen DS3 WRC.

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