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Founded in May 1950, SEAT was a state Spanish, state- owned industrial holding company. In more modern times the SEAT brand is now wholly owned by VW. By the year 2000, SEAT production had reached over 500,000 units annually and total production since its birth is well over 18 million vehicles. Over 6 million of the total production has been from their Martorell plant based near Barcelona, Spain. Over three quarters of the annual SEAT production is exported to over 70 countries across the world.

Originally, SEAT only produced for the Spanish domestic market until 1965 when the company exported 150 of its SEAT 600 model to Columbia. It was not until 2 years later in 1967 that SEAT agreed a deal with Fiat to allow the Spanish company to form a distribution network internationally for its cars. This started its export operations to more than 12 countries; they officially entered the export market in 1969.

With SEAT's core market remaining in Europe, they are looking to take advantage of further markets internationally, including China. The company are looking to first sign a deal with FAW, a Chinese car maker to market the SEAT brand in China with production still coming from their Spanish facility with a further view of producing the cars in China based production plants. The current most successful market for SEAT outside of Europe remains in Mexico.

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