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Scrap Cars Information

Companies and individuals who are in the scrap cars trade will specialise in the collection, handling, removal and disposal of a car of vehicle that is deemed too expensive to repair or has been abandoned and needs removing as it may not be permitted to stay in that location.

A quick call to a local scrap car dealer and the problems can be sorted out rather quickly. With metal prices on the rise it is not uncommon now to receive money for a scrap car due the rise in these prices. Prices differ from dealer to dealer, the size/weight of the scrap metal contained in the vehicle and current metal prices are some of the factors that are taken in to consideration.

In the UK a car owner who wishes to scrap a vehicle must do so in accordance with legislation laid down by the government. The scrap car must be disposed of at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Once the ATF has agreed to take the car in for scrapping, a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) must be issued; this is usually done straight away or within 7 days. The CoD is the proof that the car has been officially scrapped and it informs the DVLA that the scrapped car is no longer the responsibility of the previous owner.

Scrapping old vehicles is very beneficial to the environment as using recycled metal can save up to 75% of the energy it would have taken to produce the same amount from raw materials as well as other reductions in air & water pollution.

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