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Car Audio is the sound system contained within your car. Most cars these days have a car audio system already installed. For the more discerning listener there is help at hand as there are now many specialist car audio manufacturers. Many of these work with car manufacturers and offer their improved car audio systems as an added extra. Such as, Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Harmen International Industries and Bowers & Wilkins. Although, having a car audio systems tailored specifically to you, does come at a considerable cost.

It can be really simple to upgrade your car audio systems for a fraction of the cost. One of the first things a lot of people do is remove the old 'stock' head unit and replace this with a new one. Your local car audio specialists will help advise you on what would be best for your purpose. An aftermarket head unit normally has an upgraded internal amplifier so you would notice a difference straight away. After the head unit has been installed, it's time to turn your attention to the speakers. The door speakers and tweeters that are normally installed in your average car have paper cones on them. Upgraded car audio speakers have plastic cones, this are stiffer than paper and give off a crisper sound. All of these things can be done in a couple of hours and doesn't require many specialist tools.

Although, as with anything electrical, it is worth calling or visiting a car audio specialist and discuss your requirements with them.

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