Engine Remanufacturing

Engine Remanufacturing Information

Engine remanufacturing is the specialist trade of re-building a dismantled engine / re manufacturing an engine from scratch in full or in part back to the original manufacturer's specifications.

Engine manufacturing for the large car manufacturers is done on a huge scale, where in most cases thousands of engines are being produced on a daily basis. Engine remanufacturing is traditionally done on a much smaller scale where experienced professionals painstakingly piece together an engine that may not be manufactured anymore or that is being refurbished for a classic or vintage car.

For the most part, many people will never need to use and engine remanufacturing company. These types of specialists are used by people who are involved with motor racing and classic car restorations. In motor racing, the high stresses the engine is put under for large amounts of time take their toll on the engines components. Having a engine remanufacturing specialist to hand can help keep the engine running at its optimum performance level, with their in depth knowledge of engines, the car can be back on the track in the shortest possible time period.

With regards to car restorations, the engine remanufacturing specialists will be able to help keep the restoration as original as possible. For many older engines, there will be parts that are no longer available and if there are parts that can't be refurbished then the engine remanufacturers will most certainly be able to make a new one.

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