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Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer that was founded in 1927. It is currently owned by the Zhejian Geely Holding Group. Volvo manufacturers s range of cars and vehicles including saloons, SUV's and coupe'. Volvo's largest markets include Sweden, China, United Stated and the UK. As recent as 2011, Volvo's global sales topped 449,000 cars which was an impressive increase of 20% from 2010.

Historically, Volvo's have been known for their reliability and safety, of which they pioneered many, now mainstream, safety features. In 1944 laminated glass was introduced in to their PV model and in 1958 Nils Bohlin, a Volvo engineer patented the 3 point safety belt which was standard on all Volvo's by 1959. The design patent was then open to use by all car manufacturers in the interest of safety, they also developed the world's first rear-facing child seat and their own booster seat in 1964 & 1978 respectively.

Volvo was the first to add side impact protection systems and side air-bags; these were installed to all models in 1996. Some Volvos also have a heartbeat sensor fitted in the car to let the driver know if there is anyone hiding in the car.

With fuel economy and the environment becoming more prevalent, Volvo are working on developing their own range of electric or diesel-electric hybrid cars in order in achieving their own goal of emissions of less than 50grams of CO2 per kilometre.

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