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The Vauxhall brand of cars is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American car manufacturer General Motors (GM). With its headquarters in Luton, Bedfordshire, Vauxhall was founded in 1857 and was originally a marine engine and pump manufacturer who started to manufacture cars in 1903. The company was then acquired by GM in 1925. In the UK, Vauxhall has manufacturing facilities in both Luton where they produce commercial vehicles, and in Ellesmere Port where the production focuses on cars. In total around 4,000 staff are employed by Vauxhall and approximately 285,000 units are produced annually.

The beginnings of Vauxhall started in Dusian Road, Vauxhall, London, in 1857 by the Scottish engineer Alexander Wilson. The company, then known as Alex Wilson & Company built engines for marine use and pumps. In 1897 the company changed its name to Vauxhall Iron Works and the company built its first 5hp car in 1903. The car had only 2 forward gears and no reverse.

The company then moved to a facility in Luton in 1905 to increase its production capacity and the name Vauxhall Motors was used from 1907. In the early years, Vauxhall was known for producing sportier models for the day.

In more recent times, Vauxhall continues to close the gap on Ford. One of Vauxhalls best sellers in the UK has been the second generation Corsa, it has been the UK's favourite super-mini since it was first produced in 2006. In May 2012, Vauxhalls owners GM, announced that they will be moving much of the production of their Astra model from Europe to the UK with an investment of £125 million in their Ellesmere Port facility.

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