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American car specialist can specialize in anything from the importation and sale of American car manufacturers. To the restoration, supply of parts, repairs etc. of American manufactured cars.

American cars have traditionally been known for their power (muscle car). This has changed in recent years as more and more American car manufacturers are looking to have a larger share of the European car market and adapting their vehicles to cope with the different road conditions. Such as improving the handling, that on the long straight roads in the United States is not so much of a compelling factor, but when faced with a small winding in the UK, can prove tricky for a traditional American car.

Names such as Dodge, Lincoln, Chevrolet and Cadillac all have specific models that they are marketing in the UK, aimed a penetrating this lucrative market.

American car specialists are also able to help with the restoration of classic American cars that are becoming popular. There is an increasing amount of classic car shows taking place all over the UK every year and classic American cars are a prominent feature at these show. Having an American car specialist at your disposal will be able to help you with locating and importing that classic car, repairing, restoring and then the on-going maintenance these vehicles will need.

The very first car to be mass produced in America was the 1901, Curved Dash Oldsmobile, built by Ransome Eli Olds, who were in existence from 1864 to 1950. They invented the basic idea of the assembly line and they started the Detroit area automobile industry. Olds began building gasoline powered vehicles in Lansing, Michigan in 1899. With their low production cost the company grew in popularity and moved to Detroit to start the Olds Motor Works. Olds was America's leading vehicle manufacturer from 1901 to 1904.

Probably the most well known American car manufacturer was Henry Ford. Around 1913-1914, Ford created an improved assembly line and used the very first conveyor belt assembly line in his car factory in Ford's Highland Park, Michigan plant. The assembly line dramatically reduced the production costs for each vehicle by reducing their time to assemble them.

Due to this reduction in production time the very famous Model T could be assembled in 93 minutes. After its introduction in 1908, over 15 million Model T's had been produced by 1927. Ford's famous Model T was assembled in ninety-three minutes.

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