Jaguar Specialists

Jaguar Specialists Information

Jaguar specialist will specialise in many areas or the Jaguar brand including the sale, servicing, repair and parts supply etc.

Jaguar cars are commonly known for being a luxury, British sports car manufacturer with its headquarters based in Coventry. It is part of Tata motors, an Indian based car company that also owns Land Rover.

The Jaguar brand was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922, originally known as the Swallow Sidecar Company; they were originally famed for making motorbike sidecars. The Jaguar name was brought in after the second world was it the SS initials did not fair to well. From then the Jaguar brand grew and the company listed on the London Stock Exchange and was part of the FSTE 100 index. Jaguar was then bought out by the Ford in 1990. Jaguar still designs and produces its cars in the UK and Jaguar cars are the main mode of transport for the Prime Minister.

Since its inception, Jaguar has had a number of models that have been popular. One model was the XJ220; this is a mid-engined supercar that held the record for the fastest production car at its time recoded at 217mph, this record was held between 1992 and1994. It was finally knocked off the top spot by the McLaren F1. Due to their substantially high price tag, only 281 road cars were ever made.

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