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Automotive tools essentially are the specialist equipment and tools that a mechanic, auto electrician etc will use to repair your vehicle. These range from diagnostic machines to specialist ratchets, body-shop tools, inspection tools and socket sets. There are huge amount of automotive tools from just as many manufacturers, one of the most recognized being the Snap-On brand. Proper automotive tools are often of a higher quality and are more precise than your traditional tools you can purchase at the local DIY store. Automotive tools are often designed and manufactured for a single purpose.

As there are so many different components that are part of today's modern cars. It is very unlikely that your DIY mechanic will have the correct tool in the tool box. Automotive tool suppliers and automotive tool manufacturers fill the gap when you are looking for the correct automotive tool. A popular and must have automotive tool includes a torque wrench.

The torque wrench was invented in 1918 by Conrad Bahr whilst he was working for the Water Department for New York City. It was originally designed to prevent the over-tightening of bolts whilst repairing steam and water-main pipes underground.

A torque wrench is an automotive tool that is used to precisely apply a specific torque to a nut or bolt. It is usually found in the in the form of a socket wrench and have special internal mechanisms.

Where the correct tightness of a screw or bolt is crucial, a torque wrench is used. It allows the mechanic to accurately measure the torque that is applied to the screw or bolt so it can be exactly matched to the specifications for its particular use. This is true, especially on the engine cylinder head bolts where overstressing the bolts can cause serious damage to the gaskets. Each engine casing will have a specific amount of torque that will need to be applied in order for it to be fitted correctly.

Automotive tools that are not so common among your DIY mechanics are tools such as engine timing tools. Automotive tools such as these will normally only be found in use at your local garage and will require some level of training before it can be used correctly.

Setting the correct ignition timing is a crucial part in the performance of an engine. Sparks that occur too late or too soon in an engines cycle are more often than not, responsible for any excess vibrations and engine damage. The ignition timing affects many factors that include the fuel economy, engine power and longevity. When repairing any part of the vehicle it is important that the correct automotive tool is used.

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