Chauffeur Hire

Chauffeur Hire Information

Chauffeur hire is the employment of a person to drive a car for someone else; this is normally for limousines and luxury cars. Historically, chauffeurs were always the personal servants of the car owner. In more modern times, specialist chauffeur hire companies now exist to provide this service to the general public.

Although a chauffeur could be anyone that is driving a passenger around, the more widely accepted version of a chauffeur would be driving a luxury car or limousine. This is where the majority of chauffeur hire companies operate. In the UK, chauffeur hire companies must abide by the 'private hire vehicle' legislation that is laid down by the government and its related agencies. So chauffeur hire companies must have the correct licensing and insurances before they are able to carry any passengers.

For the large part of the nation, having your own full-time chauffeur is just a dream, but for those special occasions and trip, a quick call to a local chauffeur hire company might just make that special day, extra special.

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