Minicab and Taxi Hire

Minicab and Taxi Hire Information

Minicab & taxi hire is a regulated industry throughout the UK. There are 3 general types of minibus & taxi hire service.

  1. Hackney Carriages are licensed taxis/minicabs that can be hired from the street with no booking required.
  2. Private Hire Vehicles require the passenger to pre book the vehicle. They are allowed to carry anything up to 8 passengers and cannot pick passengers up from the street.
  3. Chauffeur cars are a sub section of private hire. This is typically related to the hiring of hire value cars where the passenger(s) pay a premium for higher levels of service and comfort with a dedicated professional driver.

Probably the most famous of all minicab and taxi hire services is the London 'black cab'. These are licensed hackney carriages that operate in central London. To hold one of the licenses a specialists test has to be completed otherwise known as the 'Knowledge'. This is an in depth study of the central London roads and streets. There are 320 main routes contained within central London that are covered in the 'Blue Book'. The official name for this book is the Guide to Learning the Knowledge of London' and the book is actually pink. It covers some 25,000 roads and streets within a 6 mile radius from Charing Cross.

These routes must be learnt as well as other key point of interest that include, Theatres, hotels, railway station, parks, restaurants, clubs & historic buildings etc.

It is known as being the hardest and most demanding of all minicab/taxicab drivers' courses in the world, and on average it takes 34 months of preparation to pass the exam.

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