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MX Bikes and Accessories Information

Motocross or MX bikes are specially designed machines that are optimised to ride and race over rough terrain. Motocross (MX) was first evolved in the UK from motorcycle trials competitions. Motorcycles trials are a competition where by competitors balance their machines over obstacles without placing a foot on the ground. These bikes were adapted in favour of being raced, that were first known as 'scrambles'.

MX bikes are classed according to their engine size. The FIM grand prix world championships are mainly held in Europe and they have four classes that include MX1 for 450cc bikes, MX2 for 250cc bikes, there is also MX2 for 650cc machines and women's motocross. Each competition consists of 2 separate races. Unlike other motor Racing events there is no set number of laps to complete at the start of the race. Each race lasts for 35 minutes with the addition of 2 further laps once this time has elapsed.

MX / motocross accessories encompass many different products, both for performance and safety that are available to riders. The main accessories for riding or competing in motocross include a specifically designed motocross helmet and goggles, riding boots, gloves, body armour, and motocross trousers. Performance items include lighter handlebars, performance exhaust systems, lighter wheels and lighter sprockets.

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