Removals Information

Removals companies specialise in helping home owners and businesses move their property and possessions safely from one destination to another. There are many large national franchises and independent family run removals companies up and down the UK who can help when moving house or premises. Depending on what and where the property is moving to will depend on what type of vehicle is used from a small van to a Luton and even bigger, the removals company has the right type of vehicle for the job. Many removals companies will also offer a packing service. This is sometimes for an extra fee; however this will ultimately save the customer a lot of time and items will be safer as they are packed away in the correct manner. In many cases, by having the items professionally packed also covers the customers items against any damage caused whilst in transit.

The process of packing items into the van requires that all polished surfaces are protected against scratches so blankets or cardboard at the most common form of protection, fragile objects such as china are packed onto rigid boxes and soft materials can be packed into bags and suitcases etc.

Pricing for using a removals company does vary from company to company. For longer distance moves, the costing is normally determined by such factors as the weight / size of the items and the distance. Where as a local move might only be calculated in an hourly rate.

Whether you are moving home, office or a piano there are experienced professionals who can save you time and a lot of stress.

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