Car Care Products

Car Care Products Information

Car care products can range from a sponge for washing the car to the highest quality polish you can use on your cars bodywork. There are many DIY car care products that you can pick up in your local store and then there are specialist products that have developed for professionals or for people who want to take that extra care of their car.

General car care products consist of a car sponge, car shampoo, chamois leather and a car wax. As with most things these vary in price range depending on the quality of the product that you are after. If you are after just simply a quick spit and polish then you can spend as little as £10 on all of those products and have some spare change.

If you are looking to go that extra mile there are companies out there that can supply you with what you are looking for. Specialist car shampoos have been developed to remove more dirt when you wash the car, clay bars are available to remove and other much smaller deposits of grease or grime on the body work that the shampoo can't remove and specialist polishes and waxes. Many of which contain a high grade T1 carnauba wax that provide a deep and rich gloss finish. These will also leave a lasting layer on the paintwork, making it more resistant to everyday road going dirt and grime.

With so many car care products available not only in shops as well as online, it probably is worth speaking to a car care products professional who can point you in the right direction.

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