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There are no less than 25 different categories of motoring offences that then have any number of sub sections that include anything from using a mobile phone to dangerous driving. Not all, but the majority do carry a monetary fine and penalty points on his license. So knowing an expert motoring offence solicitor is vital. Motoring offences can range from anything from a fine all the way up to a term in prison depending on how serious the matter is.

Motoring offence solicitors have an in depth knowledge of the road traffic laws and they will be able to guide you through the process if ever the need arises. They provide a valuable service in ensuring the legal issues around motoring offences are dealt with, not only quickly, but also with the least amount of damage and loss to those involved. Common motoring offences people need a motoring offence solicitor may include; driving without due care and attention, drink driving, driving without insurance, accident claims, and commercial transport laws. Each of these has a countless amount of offences that driver can find themselves guilty of.

So if you do find yourself in a position where you may be likely to be charged for a motoring offence. There are many specialist motoring offence solicitors in the UK who are there to help.

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