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German owned VW Group own the VW brand; it is seen as one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. It is also seen as the manufacturer as some of the most iconic cars ever to be sold including the VW Beetle and the VW Golf. Originally founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, the first task was to develop and sell a car that was more affordable for the German peoples many vehicles in Germany at that time were luxury models and only around 1 in 50 Germans owned a car.

During WW2 the factories producing VW vehicles switched to producing military vehicles. Post WW2 with the allied occupied portion of Germany saw car production limited to a maximum of the 10% of the 1936 car production numbers. Following its restart in production the VW Group now owns or majority part owns many other car manufacturers including Audi, Bentley, SEAT, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Skoda and Skania and is currently Europe's largest car manufacturers. In 2010 , Volkswagen saw record sales of over 6.29 million vehicles with a total global market share of 11.4%. In 2008 VW became the world's 3rd largest car maker in the world, over taking Ford, and in 2012 became the second largest manufacturer just behind GM.

Plans for the future for VW include doubling its US market share from 2% t0 4% by 2014 and to be the world's largest car manufacturer by 2018.

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