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In the UK it is law that any person riding a motorcycle is to wear a motorcycle helmet or face a hefty fine and points on his/her license. Over the years, motorcycle helmets have undergone many different designs and improvements to offer the maximum protection that they can to the motorcycle riders heads and neck.

Many sports bike riders choose to wear what's called a 'full face' motorcycle helmet. This type of motorcycle helmet covers the entire head of the rider. There are many different types of materials that can be used in their construction depending on the level of protection and budget. The exterior of premium motorcycle helmets are made mainly of fibreglass with carbon fibre or Kevlar reinforcement. The interior are a mixture of foam and other materials. The interior of a motorcycle helmet contain what's called 'EPS' or expanded polystyrene foam. The EPS' density and thickness is designed to crush or cushion in the event of an impact to prevent serious head injuries by lengthening the impact time. Some of the plastics used in motorcycle helmet construction also offer very good protection against penetration such as the use of Lexan (bulletproof glass). In the event of an accident, motorcycle helmets built with this material will not crush so the exterior will look undamaged but the inner EPS will be crushed. The use of carbon fibre and Kevlar can reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle helmet and greater protection, but using these materials can be very expensive.

Whatever your motorcycle usage, be it for everyday use or just for leisure, the motorcycle helmet is the one item that can save you from serious head injuries. So it is important that having the correctly fitted a motorcycle helmet is one of your top priorities.

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