Van Servicing

Van Servicing Information

Like cars, vans also require regular servicing. As in most cases, vans are carrying heavier loads and are being used for longer periods of time, so a different set of factors apply to a van than a car. Pretty much the same set of procedures are undertaken when servicing a van i.e. fluid levels such as engine oil, power steering are checked. Filters are replaced for the air & oil. Other essential checks include checking the charging systems, the condition of the battery, full steering & brake checks, shock absorbers and suspension check as well as the wheel alignment and bearing checks.

Manufacturers will stipulate when they recommend that parts such as the filters should be replaced or when certain components should be serviced, these vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Although every 12,000 miles of every 12 months is advisable, especially as a van can be a vital part of the day to day running of a business. So making sure it is running at its optimum performance is all important.

All over the UK there are service centres and garages that specialise in the servicing of vans, which will have an in depth knowledge of what to look out for in certain models. If you do own a van then perhaps having a van servicing specialist perform your next service, be it an interim service of annual service might be a good idea.

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