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For the majority of the general public in the UK, owning a 'supercar' is just a dream. But thanks to some specialists supercar hire companies based up and down the country, driving a supercar is in reach.

'Supercar', is a term used to describe a high-end / expensive car that is very powerful and has the handling to match, although, the term 'supercar' varies from car manufacturer to car manufacturer.

Many supercar hire companies will have a fleet of vehicles for the paying public to hire from them usually from a day to a week or so. Popular makes that are available for hire include Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Paganni and McLaren.

As these vehicles are usually very expensive and a lot more powerful than your usual 'run of the mill' family car, many supercar hire companies will imposed strict age restrictions and some may even insist on having an advanced driving lesson before the car is hired to have the customer get used to the car, there is also usually a daily mileage limit.

Prices do vary from car to car. Mainly dependant on the initial price of the car, its rarity and what time of the week the car is to be hired. As in many cases, popular periods such as at the weekend, will be at a premium, than hiring during the week.

So if driving a supercar is a dream of yours, but the bank balance just won't stretch to the astronomical prices for come supercars, then a call to a local supercar hire company could make your dream come true.

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