BMW Specialists

BMW Specialists Information

BMW specialists will specialise anything to do with a BMW. This can include the servicing, repairs & tuning of BMWs, to the restoration, importing and even buying/selling of a BMW.

BMW specialists include tuning companies such as AC Schnitzer and Alpina, who are well known for taking an 'off the forecourt' BMW and taking it to the next level. AC Schnitzer was first established in 1987.

It is a BMW specialist tuner for not only its cars, but also its motorcycles as well as the other BMW owned car manufacturers including Mini & Landrover brands. These ranges can be individual parts such as alloy wheels and exhaust systems to fully overhauled vehicles that have undergone a full performance tuning and styling transformation. Most accessories in the AC Schnitzer range can be obtained through official channels, such as a BMW specialists or BMW dealers.

Many BMW specialists who specialize in the repair or servicing of BMW's would have undergone specific training in order to be able to work more efficiently on all models in the BMW range. Being a BMW specialist will generally mean that they will have access to the correct tools that will be needed to repair a BMW, such as a timing kit or diagnostic equipment. Generally, they will also have access to BMW spare parts a lot quicker than a regular garage.

A BMW specialist will also be able to carry out full BMW programming & coding of all BMW control units, engine alignment, options on a BMW car key memory, clearing adaption values, engine control unit adjustment, the fitting of genuine BMW accessories & components, full BMW live data and the reading and resetting of fault.

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