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Minibuses are classed as a vehicle able to carry anything from 8 to 30 passengers. Mini buses have a variety of different roles; they are used in some areas for a form of public transport, airport buses or for private hire purposes. The majority of taxi firms all over the UK will have a minibus available to its customers. They are mainly hired as a more cost effective way of transporting a larger group of people in one vehicle rather than having to use 2 cars.

There are many different configurations and types of minibuses available. The most basic of minibus design was simply converting a van, the addition of rear windows and seating, these were undertaken by the van manufacturers alongside their existing model and in some instances by companies specialising in this type of vehicle conversion. There are also second stage manufacturers who will build a specific body to fit on to a certain van chassis. This type of minibus design allows a higher seating capacity than the simple conversion of a van. The purpose built minibus is now becoming more common and manufacturers realise there is a need for this type of vehicle. This type of minibus is normally produced by an integral bus manufacturer although many other car manufacturers are also producing their own purpose built minibus models.

If you are looking to take a party of guests somewhere, a local minibus hire company will surely have the right size minibus for you.

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