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Porsche, as a brand was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Originally, they did not build any cars. Instead they offered consulting and development work for the motoring industry. One of their first assignments the company received was from the government in Germany. This was to design for the German people. The result was the very popular and famous VW Beetle. Off the back on the Beetle design, the Porsche 64 was developed in 1939; this used many components from the Beetle design.

It was not until the end of WW2, where its efforts were put to designing and building tanks for the German army that Porsche started to develop its own range of vehicles. Many regard the 356 as the first Porsche and this was the first Porsche to be developed in any great numbers. Possible the most well known Porsche is the 911. First produced in 1963, it had a very distinctive design with the engine being mounted at the rear of the car with independent rear suspension. Since then, the 911 has undergone many refinements to the car we see being sold today, refinements include, cabriolet models, the addition of turbo-chargers and 4 wheel drive version. But, essentially the basic layout has remained largely the same. Now officially known as the 991 series, the Porsche 911 was voted 5th in a car of the century poll.

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