Haulage Information

Haulage, haulier or Haulage contractor is the business of transporting cargo/goods by either road or rail for another company. Haulage firms range in size from a sole trader to large multinational haulage companies who will transport good across the UK, Europe and the rest of the globe.

Haulage is usually referred to as using a larger amount of good than say a courier who may only take one package or pallet. Haulage is usually conducted using a container or curtain side lorry transporting goods from warehouses etc. Haulage contractors will charge a fee for hauling the goods that is charged normally by the mile. Haulage and haulage companies are a key part of keeping the economy moving, it is estimated that around 90% of all the goods moved around the country are done so by road and the majority by haulage companies as road freight.

As the UK is a net importer of goods from other countries, all of these millions of tonnes of products will need taking from the manufacturers, to the warehouses, to the showroom and then to the consumer. Haulage companies that can specialise in handling these load sizes are even more important than ever at keeping the flow of good from supplier to consumer as smooth as possible.

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