Couriers Information

A courier service specialises in transporting goods, packages, mail and messages. Couriers differ from the regular mail services as they offer such features as a greater delivery speed, parcel tracking and signatures. Most of the services that are included in a professional courier's service are added extras for the regular mail or delivery services.

As using couriers are a premium service, they usually incur a premium when it comes down to the costing. This is offset through the extra services that are included and if the package needs to be somewhere at a certain, or within a certain time frame that a regular mail service would not be able to offer you.

There are many couriers operating all over the UK, some specifically work in certain larger towns and cities, whereas others work across the whole of the UK, Europe and in certain cases globally.

The large quantity of couriers, especially in the UK will offer an 'express' or 'same day' service. This is where at a moment's notice a courier will arrive at your business, pick up the package and deliver this to a certain destination within a certain time frame (this is usually calculated before the package is picked up depending on distance). Many couriers services (if not already contracted) will charge on a per mile basis, they mileage charge will also depend on what type of vehicle is being uses as, in the large number of cases, using a motorcycle to transport an important document would be cheaper per mile than say using a large van to transport a pallet load of goods.

If you do require a package to be delivered safely, securely and above all on time, no doubt you have a local courier service that will be able to assist you.

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