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Trailers are available in many shapes and sizes and are capable of transporting a wide range of goods. The term trailer generally refers to an unpowered vehicle that can be pulled along by a powered vehicle. Over the years, trailers have taken on many different shapes and forms to accommodate a huge variety of goods from generally cargo trailers to specific trailers to fit a boat.

Trailers are very adaptable pieces of kit; there are many manufacturers and suppliers in the UK who will have a trailer that will be fit for purpose. In the UK towing laws are changing in 2013. As of January 19th 2013 drivers who pass their category B license (car / small vehicle) can tow a trailer weighing no more than 750kg. Or, where the trailer weighs more than 750kg, the combined weight of the towing vehicle and trailer must weigh no more than 3,500kg. Licences held before this date but from 1 January 1997 will be unaffected.

Modern trailers vary in design and construction depending on its purpose. Many trailers are either constructed from aluminium or galvanised steel. The option of having a lockable lid is also a popular when transporting extra luggage. The additions of ramps are also popular when transporting other vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and go carts.

Whatever your need is whether it is the need to carry more luggage but do not want to compromise on space inside your cars, or you need to move a boat, car or motorbike. Contacting a local trailer specialist is defiantly a good idea.

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