German Car Specialists

German Car Specialists Information

A German car specialist will generally only specialise in the servicing, repair and diagnostics etc. for example Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen.

The German car industry is one of the largest employers in Germany. German designed and built cars have always had a history of being very well built with a very good attention to detail. This is why Germany is the leader in Europe for car production since the 1960's and German built cars have won European Car of the Year and International Car of the Year more times than any other countries.

Germany is considered the birthplace of cars since Nikolaus Otto and Karl Benz in the late 1870's developed the four-stroke engine. This design was fitted to a coach my Benz in 1887 which has led to the modern day car.

Some of the most well know German cars that have ever been built include the Volkswagen Beetle. First produced in 1945, by 1955 over one million had been produced and by 1965 over 10 million had rolled off the production line, this is one of the most successful selling vehicles of all time and is still in production today.

German built cars make up a large number of the cars that are on the UK's roads today. As they are seen as being of a higher quality that have specialist parts, it's probably best contacting a German car specialist to keep your German built car in perfect condition.

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