Car Recycling

Car Recycling Information

Car recycling is the dismantling of a car for parts that can be re-used. Even a broken car has some value for its parts, once these have been stripped out; the steel shell of the car also has value. There are many car recycling yards and companies in operation in the UK that can assist you in this process.

Car recycling has been around for many years is a small way, it is only in recent years where metals prices have risen and there is more of a focus on the environment, we have seen a big rise in car recycling. Around 75% of a car can currently be recycled. Due to cars containing not only metal and plastic, but also oils and other fluids, car recycling must take place by a registered company who can dispose of these harmful materials in the safest possible manor.

The actual process of recycling is complicated and there are many different stages that need to be considered. In brief, the car has all re-usable / unrecyclable parts removed, then all the fluids are drained and removed, including from the engine, gearbox and suspension system. After all the hazardous materials are removed then the remaining shell is crushed and recycled.

Car recycling helps the environment in many ways, it save millions of barrels of oil each year which would have normally been used to produce new products; it also keeps many thousands of tonnes of waste out of our landfill sites and back into the consumers use.

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