Cars for Cash

Cars for Cash Information

Cars for cash is part of the car recycling process that takes old or unwanted cars that is either stripped down for spare parts Or, is crushed and the metal recycled. More and more effort is being put in to recycling every car that no longer has a use and the 'cars for cash' industry is continuing to meet this need.

As metal prices remain high, the cars for cash industry will be around for some time. When metal prices were cheaper, the person wanting to get rid of the car would have to pay for it to be disposed of. Nowadays, since metal prices have risen, the roles have reversed and there are companies that will now offer you a sum of money to take the old car from you. The price you can get for your car will depend on the current metal price, the grade of metal the car contains and also the weight of the car. There are many independent & local cars for cash dealers and there are some larger UK wide companies where you can obtain a price for your car online without the need for someone coming to visit you in person.

Many scrap yards also operate a 'cars for cash' policy as some will have the approved recycling facilities on their premises.

If you do have a car that is nearing the end of its life and maybe more expensive to repair than the resale value, then speaking to a cars for cash specialists is your best bet. You will be helping the environment and making some money for yourself. All that would need to be negotiated, it the price!

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