Accident Repairs Mobile

Accident Repairs Mobile Information

The work is carried out using a mobile accident repairs bodyshop and special equipment. This means that the accident repair work can be carried out at a location such as your drive at home or in your work car park instead of you having to take your car to a bodyshop and then be without it - potentially for several days.

Usually, a clever mobile accident repair rig is the key to the service..

It's normally attached to the accident repair mobile technician's van, and enables the repair of your vehicle in a fully-enclosed accident repairs mobile bodyshop environment.

Depending on the damage, the accident repair mobile technician will use a variety of techniques to repair both metalwork and plastics.

A special lamp is used to cure the paintwork, meaning you can drive the car shortly after repair, and wash as usual from the following day.

So why would you use an accident repairs mobile bodyshop service above a traditional bodyshop?

For significant damage, a bodyshop is the proper choice. But for minor accident damage, where the vehicle is still drivable, these advantages include:

  • The accident repairs mobile service are usually completed within a day
  • An appointment can be made at a time and place to suit you
  • Minimum delay from accident to repair completion
  • No need for a courtesy car
  • You are able to observe the work being done
  • The rates are sometimes more competitive

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