Dent Repair / Panel Beating

Dent Repair / Panel Beating Information

Panel beating is the term that refers to the trade of repairing car body panels back to their original state. Dent repair & panel beating uses many skills and metal working techniques to acquire the desired results. Some of the techniques involve the use of welding equipment and putty fillers.

Dent repairs and panel beating is undertaken by trained and experienced individuals who can assess damage on cars bodywork and determine what the best course of action is. The common dent repair or panel beating service is done on most everyday vehicles such as cars, vans, Lorries, and motorbikes. There are specialist panel beating companies that only work exclusively on car restorations, where specific panels may have to be beaten or manufactured from scratch.

Training to become a professional panel beater or dent repairer is usually completed through an apprentice scheme where a recognised qualification is obtained at the end. Most apprenticeships last around 4 years, although they can be completed earlier, most like other apprenticeships, consist of on the job training where the apprentice can obtain supervised first hand training along with schooling at a collage or trade school. Periodic assessments will then have to be passed in order to complete the course.

If you do have an annoying dent in your car, maybe caused by parking too close on a car park and an another door hitting your car bodywork, or, if you have something more serious, there are trained & professional dent repair / panel beating companies local to you who are happy to help.

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