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Traditionally, a sports car is a car that is small, usually only has 2 seats, has a front engine/rear wheel drive layout, and has nimble handling. Although, times change and sports cars cover a much wider range these days and the term 'sports car' now covers other vehicles such as certain hatch backs and muscle cars.

Your local car dealer of sports cars will no doubt have selection of vehicle on offer for you to buy. Different manufacturers, colours, engine size and convertibles will be on offer. The world's best selling sports car has been the Mazda MX 5; the MX 5 has the traditional set up and layout of a front engine, rear wheel drive, small and lightweight convertible.

The Mazda MX5 sports car was first introduced in 1989 and is currently still in production. The second generation of MX 5's were launched in 1998 with the current models introduction being made in 2005. There have been many specialist, anniversary and face lift editions built over the MX 5's 23 year history, which is why in early 2011, the MX 5 reached the 900,000 vehicles produced milestone.

If you are looking to purchase a sportier car, maybe with a convertible roof for those hot summers, then calling or visiting you local dealer if sports cars would defiantly be a good option for you.

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