Smart Repairs

Smart Repairs Information

Small Medium Area Repair Technology or SMART repairs are used to repair small areas of accident damage to cars and other vehicles.

Smart repairs were developed to offer a cost effective and fast way of repairing damage to a car. The repair is kept to just the affected area, (rather than repairing/respraying the who panel) meaning that the repair takes much less time to complete and the repairs can be performed without the need of a large body shop.

Many smart repairs take place on areas on cars such as the bumpers where scuffs and scrapes can be removed, scratched paintwork on areas such as bonnets and doors and paint chips caused by stones.

Smart repairs help a great deal with the resale value of a car as for a fraction of what it would cost to repair minor damage in a body shop, the smart repair technician can make the affected area virtually undetectable. Skilful technicians firstly determine the colour code of the affected area and mix a small amount of paint to cover this, the paint is matched exactly to the manufacturers' original colour to avoid any unsightly colour mismatching. The affected area is the prepped by the technician using varying grades of abrasives, once this is completed the colour is applied, followed by a coat of lacquer and a final coat of what is called 'fade out' lacquer which is used to blend the repaired area in with the original bodywork.

Selling a car with perfect bodywork really does make a difference to the bottom line, so sorting out minor scratches and imperfections is important, they also don't cost as much as you think.

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