Engine Tuning / Diagnostics

Engine Tuning / Diagnostics Information

Engine Tuning involves the modification or adjustment of a car engine in order to primarily increase its power and performance. Tuning can range from anything from adjusting the carburettor and ignition system to installing a new ECU and completely overhauling the intake and exhaust system.

Modern Engines are equipped with an engine management control (ECU) sometimes referred to as the 'brain' of the car. With some cleaver adjustment, the right software and equipment, this can be tuned to different settings in order to gain the extra power that the engine already has. The engines potential is not realised by the manufacturers when they leave the plant as some vehicles may end up in developing countries where the fuel is of a poorer quality than here in the UK. So to compensate for this, the engine is tuned accordingly to run on this lower grade fuel.

Engine tuning / diagnostic specialists will be able to help your car realise its potential, cars can be tuned for increased performance, or, what is becoming more popular as fuel prices continue to rise is tuning cars for extra fuel efficiency. There are many different products available for the majority of cars on the road to help with engine tuning.

So if you are looking for better responsiveness from your car or greater fuel efficiency then a visit to your local engine tuning expert is the right move to make.

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